Who plays ‘Squid Fishing Game’ Police Hwang Jun-ho? 10 facts about actor Wi Ha-jun

The cast of Squid gameNetflix’s K-drama series that has taken the world by storm, has become a global star following the premiere of its gripping series about an extreme survival competition that sees hundreds of people competing to died.

Among the world’s hottest newcoms is South Korean actor Wi Ha-jun – sometimes spelled Wi Ha-joon – who plays Hwang Jun-ho, the cop who breaks into the game establishment in disguise become an employee.

Dubbed the “scene stealer” in the drama, South Korea’s Newsen reported that the actor has seen his Instagram following more than quadrupled since the drama aired, bringing the total number of followers. His follow up to 2.8 million. But by October 3, the number had exploded to more than 5.1 million, which the actor also acknowledged through an Instagram story post, according to Newsen.

Here, let’s take a closer look at the life and career of the global rising star.

Wi Ha-jun grew up in the countryside

Born on August 5, 1991, Wi is from Wando, a county/island in Jeollanamdo (South Jeolla), a province on the south coast of Korea where he grew up in the countryside, South Korea. Money today reported back in June.

He is a rising Heartthrob globally

Fans were swooning on Wi because of him Squid game his character and built body, most recently featured in a cover feature for the October 2021 issue of Korean Men’s Health, which shows his washing abs.

Twitter user @croa2615 wrote: “Okay, but if Wi Ha-Joon’s existence isn’t testament to all the good men Korea has to offer, I don’t know what is.. .” in a post that has ended 1,000 likes at the time of reporting.

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User @bluespiritsoka tweeted, “Hot cop Hwang Jun-ho Wi Ha-joon of the ink game,” sharing a montage video of the actors’ scenes in the movie. The video had more than 5,000 views at the time of reporting.

Share a picture, can be seen herefrom Wi’s Korean Men’s Health feature, user @mistimeanor simply tweeted: “GOOD GOD HA-JOON [drooling emoji]. “

… But not popular at school

When asked if he was popular with girls when he was in school, the actor revealed, “I was only popular with my male friends” because of his personality. Two O’Clock Escape Cult Show on the Korean radio station SBS Power FM.

… And don’t laugh much

Wi recounted that he didn’t smile much as a child and that no one really approached him when he was in high school, he told SBS Power FM in June.

He participated in dancing before acting

The Squid game The actor loved to dance during his school years. Wi said on SBS Power FM: “There was no place to learn dance officially at that time, because it was in the countryside, so I did cover dance. He recalls dancing to K-pop group TVXQ’s songs when he was in middle school.

… And doing somersaults

Wi counts acrobatics and boxing among his hobbies/talents. He also enjoys listening to music, according to the website of Wi’s management company MS Team Entertainment.

The policeman in "Squid game."
The police officer in Netflix’s “Squid Game” is played by actor Wi Ha-jun.

He is afraid of water

Wi said one of the most challenging scenes to shoot Squid game is a scene where he dives while escaping the game facility.

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“There weren’t any physical difficulties with the action scenes in the movie but having to scuba dive on the skin was really hard. I have severe hydrophobia, so I had to work out a lot to get there. overcome,” he said. Korean television station SPOTV News.

Wi recalls that the hardest scenes were his scenes in the episode featuring VIP members, in which Wi spoke English to the VIPs.

Although Wi delivers his lines seamlessly, the actor said he actually doesn’t speak English very well. So he had an English teacher to help him as well as series director Hwang Dong-hyuk, who Wi said became fluent in English after studying abroad, SPOTV News reported.

He felt lonely when he shot the ‘ink game’

As for his cop role, Wi didn’t share many scenes with the other actors and acted alone in most of his scenes. He recalled how he “always felt alone” on set, feeling he missed opportunities to bond with his co-stars and create more memories during the shoot, SPOTV News reported.

"Squid game" on Netflix.
Still image from “Squid Game” on Netflix.

He is a Superfan of Front Man Actor

Wi is a huge fan of Lee Byung-hun, the veteran Korean actor who played Front Man in Squid game and familiar to Western audiences from Gi Joe series movie.

The actor said he knew in advance that Lee would participate Squid game and was “delighted and honored” and also “moved” by Lee’s friendliness towards him even outside of the series’ shooting, SPOTV News reported.

Wi Is Keen for ‘Squid Game’ Season 2

In the final episode of the series, Hwang Jun-ho is shot in the arm by Front Man (who — warning of crooks — earlier in the series was revealed to be Jun-ho’s brother), causing the policeman to fly away. off the brink. Wi told SPOTV News that he would be “very happy” if Hwang Jun-ho was still alive and the story between the two brothers unfolded in the second season of the series. Squid game.

I'm still from "Squid game" on Netflix.
Wi Ha-jun as a cop in “Squid Game” on Netflix.

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