Tennessee woman sued for $25,000 after posting negative doctor review on Yelp

A Tennessee woman is being sued for $25,000 after posting a negative review of a doctor online last month.

The lawsuit accuses Kelly Beavers of libel, libel and false light for her comments on Yelp regarding the services of Dr Kaveer Nandigam from Nandigam Neurology in Murfreesboro, WTVF reported.

The woman’s review read: “The conduct of this ‘doctor’ today is completely unprofessional and unethical to put it mildly. I will be reporting him to the Medical Review Board. of the State of TN and will file a formal complaint. How he’s doing business is beyond me. Since when did they start allowing Doctors, getting mad in front of Patients and throwing stones at everything when they do? annoying? He doesn’t belong in the medical field at all.”

Beavers — a Wilson County resident — said she felt compelled to write the review after what she described as disrespectful and shocking behavior during a date when she was accompanied by her 67-year-old father. The father was referred to the clinic after he reported dizziness and memory loss – possible early signs of dementia.

Beaver said that the doctor became angry during the appointment when he noticed that she was recording on her phone, as she usually does during medical appointments.

“We all have things we forget sometimes, so that’s why I record every doctor’s visit. I want to make sure I’m doing everything right,” she says. “He actually snatched and demanded my phone.”

Tennessee is a “party consent” status which means that as long as a person present in the conversation is aware of the recording and consents to it, there is generally no need for permission for any someone else. However, Beavers said she deleted the recording at the behest of her doctor. After the incident, an employee at the clinic called Beavers to talk about what had happened and informed her that phones were not allowed in the office.

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Pictured: A Tennessee woman is facing a $25,000 lawsuit after posting a negative review online.

Then, on November 27, an attorney for Nandigam Neurology filed a $25,000 lawsuit against Beavers and her friend’s son, who also posted a negative review on Google after hearing her talk about the case. job.

The lawsuit claims that the review contained “false, disparaging, and misleading statements” with the plaintiff asking Beavers to take her post down.

“Just shocked, I couldn’t believe it,” Beavers told WTVF. “They just don’t want any negative reviews and they don’t want people talking about or giving bad reviews.”

Beaver said she is planning to hire a lawyer to fight her case.

Newsweek has reached out to Nandigam Neurology for comment and is awaiting a response from the company.

This isn’t the first time someone has been sued for a negative Yelp review. In July of this year, Florida man Tom Loyd said he faced more than $25,000 in legal bills following a lawsuit brought against him by a veterinary agency, CBS This Morning reported. .

Ken Paulson from the Center for Nonpartisan Free Speech says reviewers need to be careful about what they say online.

“Don’t state things you can’t back up,” he told WTVF. “It’s okay to say you don’t like this pizza or that the anchovies suck because that’s an opinion, but you can’t say they can’t make this pizza without washing their hands. or people.”

However, in some states with so-called Anti-SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation) laws — such as Tennessee — it is easier for defendants in these cases to avoid the law. more adjudication.

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