How to help elderly parents use smartphones

How to help elderly parents use smartphones

Most of the elderly have limited understanding of technology, leading to difficulties and low self-esteem in using such devices.

To help elderly parents access these products, you should keep the following in mind.

Tailor the device to their needs

Touch screens with tiny text can be difficult for your grandparents or parents, especially if they have vision problems. Therefore, you should ask them if they can see well, then increase the font size on the device they are using. In addition, you can install a text reader application that will automatically read words on the screen aloud.

Illustration: Pexels

Illustration: Pexels

Write instructions on paper

Don’t overload them with too much information to learn. The first thing is to write the sequence of instructions, let them practice gradually until they get used to it, and then move on to new steps. Many people will forget or do the wrong operation, so it is very important to record instructions, so that they do not skip important steps.


Elderly people no longer have the ability to remember well, so they are easy to miss and forget important information. You need to be patient when guiding them. Teaching them how to operate the device can be an iterative process. In order for them to avoid being embarrassed and embarrassed by asking and asking too many questions, you should encourage them “It’s okay”, even remind them of how they persistently taught you in their childhood.

Let your parents try the game

Games are not only useful for young people but also good for the elderly. Sudoku or crossword puzzles are a good exercise for your parents’ brains. Their progress may surprise you. Of course, they can get caught up in the game, so you should remind your parents to limit smartphone usage.

Addressing Internet Security and Safety Concerns

As someone who is knowledgeable and easy to manipulate on technology devices, you should help parents keep personal information safe. You also remind them not to send private information or easily accept requests from strangers on social networks, or they could be victims of scams. You should also proactively install the right apps for your parents and sign up for the right packages, to avoid parents losing money unjustly.

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